what is this all about?

by | 17th May, 2012 | faith, hope, love, thoughts on life

It had to happen someday … I always felt I was destined for the blog-o-sphere!  So, what will this be about?  Honesty and bravery.   In everything I do and everything I write.

It won’t be easy. I will have to have faith that I am on the right path, hope that I  am strong enough to be this person I so desperately want to be, and share plenty of love to ensure my growth does not come at the expense of others. At the age of 45 I had these three words tattooed on my arm. A permanent reminder of the key to a fulfilled life. I have learnt that it is not about money, not about belonging, and not about acceptance. It’s about unconditional love for self and others. This is a hard lesson to learn because I have to practice it every single day, and at the moment I am a very novice student!

One of my greatest challenges is not to use unconditional love as an approach that allows me to opt-out of feeling or caring. This is where bravery comes into it. Brene Brown calls this the ability to cultivate courage to be emotionally honest…and to allow ourselves to be vunerable. I’m not very good at that…yet.  Honesty. This is a demanding feeling. It is confronting and unrelenting yet we need this to drive change in our lives. For me, I have to be honest about my fears, self beliefs and strengths to truly grow into the person I intend to be. I am a work in progress.

Aside from a family life I am very grateful for, I am also a business person. I plan to be a brave and honest one. We need more brave and honest business people. I plan to share these experiences here also, and I hope it makes a difference to other hard working entrepreneurs as this journey unfolds.

Thank you for giving me the gift of your time to check this out. I promise to make it worth your while, and really value your company.