A small business wellbeing expert

Since selling Billie Goat in 2012, I’ve dedicated my time to championing the wellbeing of small business owners. I know from personal experience how challenging it can be owning and growing a small business. I have been able to combine this understanding with research into optimising workplace wellness to bring a practical, easily understood view of what it takes to work well in small business.

Keynote speaking and webinar hosting

I’ve been fortunate to be invited to speak at many evets as a small business wellbeing expert. Engage me if you have a small business audience and want to support their personal wellbeing. I have keynote experience talking about:

Building and strengthening your resilience muscle in small business.
Identifying and overcoming the challenges of growing a small business.
Investing in yourself as a key investment in your business.
Developing a strategic mental health plan for small business ownership.
Supporting your small business customers – what can you do?
Self-care at work – the secret to business success.

A small business mental health consultant

I’ve worked with a range of government departments, industry associations and corporate clients to help them better understand the realities of small business ownership. I’m a keen collaborator and expert advisor focused on how big business and government can improve their support for their small business clients. Projects I’ve worked on have included:
Consulting on wellbeing initiatives developed for the small business community.
Educating employees on the realities of small business ownership.
Advising on policies and procedures that may affect small business clients.

Develop your own wellbeing plan

Research has shown that strategic planning can increase the success of a small business. Typically, this addresses key business areas like finances and marketing. However, business owners who plan their resilience strategy and address their mental health self-care strategy may also increase the chance of small business success.

I provide tailored classes to help small business owners formulate their own mental health strategic plan. Using a structured template and approach, attendees learn how to plan for their wellbeing throughout the small business ownership journey. Contact me for courses adapted to meet the needs of a specific industry or association group.

Contact me to discuss a tailored mental health strategic planning course for small business owners.

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Leanne’s authenticity shines through in every word she delivers, creating an instant connection with her audience.

Her messages are relevant and thought provoking and the level of engagement of her audience is superb.

Paul Henshall