It’s pleasing to see that workplace mental health is now recognised as a key ingredient to business success. There has certainly been an increase in academic research underway in this area. However, most of this work and application has happened in large businesses and focused on employees.

In Australia, nearly 98% of all businesses are small (less than 20 employees) and 64% of all businesses are sole-operators – the person who works in the business, owns the business. What does positive workplace mental health mean for people in these businesses? We cannot assume that what we know about employees would be the same for employers or sole-operators. After all, working conditions and environments are vastly different for both groups.

That’s what my research is looking at. What does it mean to work well in a micro-business? What affects the mental health of business owners and what’s the consequences of this situation?

I’m currently interviewing micro-business owners and sole-operators to learn more about their work experience. If you’d like to participate, or know someone who might want to help, please visit or share this link:


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Meanwhile, to access some great small business mental health resources, visit:

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