A small business mental health expert.

Welcome to Fortitude at Work. I work at the intersection of small business ownership and mental health. I'm a small business owner with my own lived experience of the challenges that come with starting and growing a business. I know what it takes to build resilience to ride the  waves of small business. I underpin this practical understanding with continuous academic research in this field. I work well with small business owners who want to improve their mental resilience; I work with big business who want to better understand how to support their small business clients; and I work with government agencies who want to keep the wellbeing of small business owners on their agenda.

A small business wellbeing expert and advocate.

The secret to building a successful small business is knowing how to build a resilient mental state of mind. Owning a small business can feel isolating and challenging at times. I know because I have grown a small business from my kitchen to national and international markets. A healthy small business only happens with a healthy small business owner.  I combine my business experience , formal training and academic background to provide insights into the mental health of small business owners. I help small business owners develop their own mental health strategic plan and I work with corporate businesses to better understand and connect with their small business clients. Working well never happens in isolation, and I am proud to be a mental health small business advisor.

Support for small business owners

Do you have a plan to develop your own resilience as a small business owner? Talk to me for help.

Corporate or government agencies

Connect with me for advice on how to better support your small business clients.

Keynote speaking

Need a comment about small business wellness for media? Looking for a keynote speaker to address your small business clients/franchise owners? I can help.
Leanne is our Small Business Mental Health Ambassador because she knows how to identify and represent the mental health needs of small business owners. Her advocacy work in this area has helped to put small business mental health needs on the national agenda.
Peter Strong

CEO, Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA)