Mentoring support for small business owners

I know from my own small business experience and training that a successful small business needs a successful small business owner. That’s why Fortitude at Work is different. I offer services that support not only your business growth, but you as the driver of the business.

A small business wellbeing  specialist

98% of all businesses in Australia are small. In fact, over 60% of those businesses don’t employ any staff at all. The small business sector employs nearly 50% of the entire workforce but , up until now we have received very little support or resources to help us build our resilience when owning or growing a business. I’ve been working to change that.  If you are a small business looking for some support, I can help. Click here. If you work in big business or a government agency and want to better understand how you can support your small business clients, I can help. Click here.

Support for small business owners

Choose from business mentoring, training, and skype services to help you grow and manage your business.

Corporate or government agencies

Connect with me for advice on how to better support your small business clients.

Keynote speaking

Need a comment about small business wellness for media? Looking for a keynote speaker to address your small business clients/franchise owners? I can help.

Leanne is our Small Business Mental Health Ambassador because she knows how to identify and represent the mental health needs of small business owners. Her advocacy work in this area has helped to put small business mental health needs on the national agenda.

Peter Strong

CEO, Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA)

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