What’s in a name?

by | 17th February, 2015 | thoughts on business, thoughts on life

Do you remember the old Sydney Morning Herald ads that showed people at a dinner party desperately trying to avoid sitting next to the person who only knew how to talk about one topic, like chook farming, for instance? I think I have become that person, only instead of chooks I like to talk about failure. A lot.

failure-as-a-topicIn the last couple of years of my time owning Billie Goat Soap, it felt like failure was the only thing I was hopeful of doing well. In fact, even today I still hold onto the idea that my experiences had to be “for a greater purpose”. However, I’ve slowly realised that may not be the case. Perhaps, that sense of failure was, simply, as good as it was going to get.

I’ve realised this because  2015 is my year of action and I am capable of looking back and seeing the journey I have been on these past few years. I don’t need to recover from failure. I don’t need to use it to define my writing niche. I simply need to let it be.

I just need the fortitude to get on with it, and I certainly have that now.

Today the name of my blog changed. It’s time to move on from Failing with Fortitude and graduate to simply Fortitude – the ability to sit down beside failure, acknowledge it and begin to recover.

Clichèd as it sounds I am a more whole person today because I have failed, and continue to fail almost daily. I’ve learned how to live with it and continue to like myself despite it. With some effort and time I have developed F O R T I T U D E.

business-failure-can-be-blindingThank you for your support while I am on this journey. My light is a lot broader now, and I will be immersing myself into the world of failure quite a bit over the coming years. I have headed back to school to complete another degree – this time in Psychology. There’s so much more to be explored in the world of small business and mental health struggles. I’ll keep you posted!