The cost of overthinking…

by | 23rd June, 2014 | being present, thoughts on life

The reason I have been late posting this is because the words I had prepared earlier were, quite simply, crap.Too preachy; too whiney; too cynical; too overwhelming. Hence, I had to hit delete and start again. Sorry. That’s what happens when I spend too much time over-thinking things. Have you had those moments? The problem with overthinking is that these thoughts can crowd out the moment. I have to:

Remember that all I will ever have is the moment I am currently living.

I’ve probably deleted some really good thoughts worth sharing, but my own second guessing has meant those words are now lost forever.

the cost of overthinking

If I want to connect with you (my very supportive reader  -thankyou!) I have to remain connected to myself. I have to trust that who I am is enough. Otherwise, my anxious (overthinking) thoughts break our connection. For example, have you ever walked into a room to catch up with old friends feeling flustered over the park you couldn’t find; your hair blown in the wind; the kilos you’ve gained since seeing them last? All of this is overthinking. It swallows up being in the moment and can rob you of the little joys that are happenning that may never happen again.

If I can centre to the moment, where ever it is (driving in the car; sitting at my desk; shopping for groceries) my distress levels ebb. That’s because at that very moment I am actually okay. I am actually safe, and I’m coping. If I feel safe and free of judgement, I am better able to be present to others – to connect. I’ve heard alcoholics say that recovery is often a day by day, down to minute by minute experience. I think the same is true for anyone that experiences anxiety or stress: sometimes overcoming it is a minute by minute experience. It’s a series of “being in the now” moments until suddenly another hour has passed peacefully.

I need to tape over the delete key on my keyboard. Instead of delete, I’ll work on my ability to remain in the moment, and trust that whatever comes from my fingers to the keyboard is exactly what is meant to be, and exactly what I am meant to express at this point in time.

Have a wonderful week everyone xx