Love the fear…

by | 14th December, 2015 | thoughts on business, thoughts on life


As I ventured on my morning bike ride today I wore one of John’s old faded t-shirts. I specifically chose it today because printed on the front were three words we have said to each other often…

Love the fear.

Today was going to be a fearful one for me. Today is a time of change. Today I am vulnerable. Today I am starting something new.

I’ve been fortunate to have had experienced a break-down (yes, fortunate!) triggered by tough small business trading conditions and lucky that has brought me to this point in life. I have had lots of opportunities to talk to people about mental health in small business PLUS talk about our personal journeys. Conversations may have started with a business reference but they rarely finish there.

fortitude-at-workI have decided to place more focus  on providing services in the mental health sector, within the niche of small business. My experience these past few years have shown me that this is a much bigger problem than simply supporting individuals – I need to reach further to help before the problem seems insurmountable. I need to help others who, in turn,  help small business people.

Hence the launch of Fortitude at Work. My new business provides a bridge between small business service providers and small business owners. We help both parties address mental health needs and provide training on how to have honest conversations about tough trading times. We help people to help each other.

Why is this scary?

Because not everyone who reads my blog, visits my facebook page or follows on twitter is a small business person. I get that, and I don’t want to alienate you. I hope that you will remain on this journey with me because after all, even business owners are just people. We’re all just  trying to find our way. During this change I am still going to:

  • Keep my regular posts about life and its challenges happenning over at my facebook/twitter/instagram pages.
  • Blog about my life learning here on this site.
  • Advocate for mental health services in the small business sector.
  • Share any interesting sites/articles/videos I think are helpful for anyone who is interested in personal development.

I’ll be adding in:

  • Details about the training services I have available.
  • More small business mental health resources here and on my facebook page.
  • An update to the design of this site.

I hope you will like the changes that are to come and I welcome your comments. It goes without saying that your support has made all the difference to me and I hope we can continue to walk this journey together. For now, I plan to walk the talk and love the fear xxx