Elle and I – shared thoughts on spending time with others.

by | 14th April, 2014 | love, thoughts on life, unconditional love

We’re coming up to the holiday season again, and inevitably there’ll be circumstances that might push your buttons in the lead up to, and during Easter. Here are three tips I’m keeping in mind to let the love shine in…

1. Seek out the positives in others.  I’m choosing to stay empowered and joyful at the moment, and I’m working on heightening my self-awareness so that I can recognise when someone starts to irritate me. Rather than react, I simply accept them, behaviours and all. In fact, I banish negative thoughts about someone the minute I catch them popping into my mind, and I don’t want to focus on the negatives in conversations. Many years ago I read an interview with Elle McPherson, and the journalist asked her to share any areas of her body she felt unhappy with. She refused to cooperate, stating “the minute I do that, everyone will focus on them instead of the positive attributes I have”. I think the same is true when I encounter people who annoy me. If I focus on their negatives, that’s all I will ever see and I risk never recognising their positive attributes. That’s a waste of an experience, especially given I believe everyone has entered my life for a reason and at a specific time.

elle macpherson understands to stay focused on the positives.

2. Remember, I’m the only one in the driver’s seat.  The only person with power over how I am feeling is me. I choose to stay in control of that. We’re all on our own journey – no one is responsible, or capable, of annoying me. I choose to react that way, and over this holiday period, I am going to choose a calm state. People are just people – doing their thing the best way they know how.

3. Remember a time when…  Years ago when I decided to bungee jump in New Zealand I did it to set a precedence for taking risks in my life. I used it to remind myself that if I (someone very afraid of heights) could jump off a bridge tied to an elastic band then I could conquer anything I set my mind to. Nowadays, I practice the same process only with examples that are a little easier to grasp. For instance, if money is tight, I’ll recall a time money was scarce in the past and remind myself that I’ve always survived the lean times. Or, if I’ve had a clash with a family member I’ll remind myself of our ability to resolve our differences in the past so that I feel confident we can move beyond this moment. If I am able to “remember a time when”, it makes the current experience a little less overwhelming and stressful.

I hope your week isn’t too hectic in the lead up to the Easter break, and you have ample time to spend with family and friends when it finally arrives. Feel free to grab these tips as needed (if needed!).  I look forward to sharing more thoughts with you during this time too. xx