Not quite YouTube…

by | 6th October, 2013 | honesty, thoughts on life

Subscribers to this blog may notice that this latest post is being sent to you much later in the day than my usual posts. I have to confess… I have struggled with my words this week. On reflection, I can see that I have spent too much time up in my head and not enough time in my heart.  I’ve struggled with what I think you might want to read and what I really want to write. I think I’ve learnt this week they may in fact be the same thing! I certainly hope so.

In an attempt to win Parents of The Year, we took our boys to the EB Games Expo over the weekend. One of the highlights of their visit was a Q & A session with some famous Australian YouTubers. I didn’t recognise anyone on the stage, but between them these new online superstars had over one million subscribers.  eb expoThe boys knew them well, and the session was very popular with the crowd. When asked about their success online, the four YouTubers explained that the key to their celebrity status was directly linked to being genuine and authentic. The message was that it is ok to be yourself, in fact, it is authenticity that attracts people! I’m learning how to truly be authentic… that lesson is one of the reasons this blog is so late today (what are the best words to write; what do you want to read; and other silly struggles).

For so many years I would adapt myself to accomodate the needs and feelings of others ahead of my own. Ironically, I’m not sure that behaviour did anyone any favours! If I understand that every interaction I have with others touches them in some way, how can I do that from a positive place if I adapt to match their persona? What value does this offer the other person?  I am currently reading Carl Rogers book, On Becoming a Person. It was written in 1961, well before I was born (errhhh, ok…a few years before I was born!). It is written as a reflective for psychotherapists, but I am finding his words very relevant to my own development around everyday communication. Rogers states “in relationships with persons I have found it does not help, in the long run, to act as though I were something that I am not” (p.16) Being all things to all people is tiring. Over the years I wore myself out – particularly at work. Nowadays I have come to realise that all I can ever be is myself. This may make some people uncomfortable, but that’s ok. In fact, that  says more about their own issues and journey than it does about my persona. I’m very grateful for the beautiful, peaceful and centered people I have attracted into my life so far…it’s not quite the YouTube lesson…it’s better!