No new year cliches…

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We’ve all come off the back of the Christmas festive season, and I have to admit, this Christmas lunch was a wonderful time. Over the past few years lunch on Christmas Day has been at our house with lots of family and friends over to celebrate the day. I’m so grateful to have my boys also because it’s one of the few times in the year where they seem to be driving all the activity in the house. They want to put up the Christmas decorations; they want to adorn the house with lights and they want to be part of all our traditions that now symbolise Christmas for them. Aside from the toys, computer games, clothes and chocolates they receive – this is their real gift from me, the traditions that now mean Christmas for them. My mother gave me the same gift and it has been with me every year of my life.

Around 1974This is my first Christmas without my father. Dad passed away in August this year. His birthday was 25th December 1929, so even back in August I was wondering how this Christmas day would be without him. In many ways though I have felt closer to dad these past few months than I have in a long time. Wayne Dyer explains that we are all primarily energy, connected to each other and the world around us and I believe dad’s passing freed him from the physical body that kept him so far away from me because he lived in Sydney and I was on the Central Coast. He’s with me everyday now and I am so grateful for that. I want to celebrate his life, not mourn his loss. Love you dad xx

Now more than ever I have been conscious of the routines that seem to come with this time of year – haggling over car spots at shopping centres, standing in endless queues, spending hours in the kitchen cooking, late night present wrapping…these are yearly rituals now. Part of that is our celebration of the New Year. We’re not following our normal New Year’s Eve routine this year (supporting the Mariners at a home game and watching the wonderful fireworks over Brisbane Water, Gosford). Instead, we are going to spend the evening with friends over at their home. I can’t shake the feeling that this is symbolic. It truly signals a new start, a new beginning. There has been so much growth, turmoil and reflection for me these past two years that I feel like 2013 will be a year where the foundations have been laid and now the house can be built. Every person I encounter will be a very own brick in a wall of my home – I know that they will build the essence of me. My thoughts, beliefs, love and actions will be the mortar that keeps it all together. I’m excited to get started! Me

There are no New Year’s resolutions in the traditional sense – no determined change. Just a determination to love myself exactly how I am, and embrace whatever that love means for me. Yesterday I caught the look of my arse in the change room of David Jones whilst trying on new pants. For the first time EVER I was grateful for it because if I decide to shake my booty on New Year’s Eve I’ll look like a serious dancer on the floor. It doesn’t take much to swing my hips!

In the spirit of New Year reflection however I want to share with you this talk from a TED session. When I watched it I had a sense of goals that are not bound by a twelve month period. I hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year everyone xx

[ted id=1553 width=560 height=315]