I am who I was born to be…

by | 17th July, 2014 | love, self esteem, thoughts on life | 4 comments

How do we remember to stay true to ourselves? How do we remain brave and be our own person despite pressures to conform from family, friends and society? How do we know truth when so many media messages tell us we’re deficient or missing something in our lives?A few years ago I attended a one day program hosted by Ilze at Powermind. Aside from the great content that was presented throughout the day, Ilze introduced me to a beautiful song performed by Susan Boyle – Who I was meant to be. If you haven’t heard it before I hope you have a few minutes to listen to it now.

Inevitably, when I first heard this song (and repeated it in the months that followed) I would shed a tear because I recognised in myself my struggle to be someone I clearly wasn’t. I had lost the essence of my self-belief and I didn’t feel worthy of self-acceptance.

In the last few years though I spent a lot of time working on myself and trying hard to just love myself a little more each day. Like all of us, I’m a work in progress, but I’m getting there. When life is calm and peaceful I feel strong and pleased with my progress. I embrace my journey into self-compassion and use the tools I have learnt recently. I become a self-love super hero!

easy times makes self loving easyThe challenge comes when it’s not smooth sailing. When someone seems like they’ve let me down; when there are stuggles at home (living with teenagers can be a challenge sometimes!); when money is tight; when others are doing wonderful things I can’t afford at the moment; when I feel disconnected from others. These are when I need my super hero skills to keep loving myself and others, and to trust that I’m doing the best I can possibly do at that point in time. If I can practice this level of self acceptance then I am who I was born to be, and that’s enough.

Too often we’re told we’re not enough – media messages tell us we need the latest gadget,  the perfect body, fashionable hair style, newest diet or fail- safe parenting techniques. The trouble is it’s oh so easy to agree with them! After all, these thought patterns took years to cultivate! However, I’ve learnt that the quickest way to dispel my anxiety and stress is to remind myself that being my authentic self is, in fact, the calmest place I know. So, when I feel my self-doubt bubbling, or a knot building in my stomach I remind myself that all is ok because  I am simply being  who I am meant to be.

Have a fabulous week everyone xx