My best conversations happen when I’m naked.

by | 2nd September, 2014 | honesty, love, self esteem, thoughts on business | 0 comments

I’ve had lots of conversations this week. Lots of time to reflect and lots of chances to talk differently. I know, not just from this week, but from a sense of self-awakening that my best conversations happen when I’m stripped bare.I don’t mean physically naked (oh please no!!!) but rather when I manage to shed the many layers of myself to expose a vulnerability and honesty that is pure in intention.

Conversations stripped of pretence are often the best.This is not easy to do because my ego is so used to being my primary protective layer and it’s very hard to shed.  I use it to help me with all sorts of messages in conversations. It tells me things like:

  • You’re sounding like you know your stuff here.
  • You’re doing ok in this chat.
  • You’re getting the attention you deserve.
  • Hmph – if they won’t listen, I might as well not speak.
  • If they’re looking uninterested, be offended.
  • Don’t say that, you’ll sound dumb.
  • You’re ok, keep going!
  • You know what they need.

This week, however, I’ve tried to speak nakedly. To show my vulnerability. To show honesty.

I’ve done it in the hope of learning something new – mainly about myself.

This week my interview with Start-Up Australia was broadcast on their site. When they first approached me about speaking I was hesitant because nowadays I probably don’t fit the typical entrepreneurial profile. I don’t tell the go get ’em tales anymore.

I like to talk about the inevitability of failing.

I like to talk about inner struggles.

And I love to talk about our inner most selves (the scary stuff)  and that correlation to business success.

Compared to some, it may seem like I had lost my entrepreneurial mojo, baby!

I had lost my entrepreneurial mojo.

I knew I would be in the company of some very popular, knowledgeable and highly successful entrepreneurs. It was soooo tempting to revert back to the old me – to rehash the Billie Goat story and hide in the business persona I have become known for. Secretly, I was anxious to stack up against the others on the site – strut my business stuff. But that’s not me anymore. Well, at least, it’s not who I want to be, and as we all know, the only person I can ever hope to change is myself.

So, I got naked and sat down to do the interview. I have literally done hundreds of interviews about business over the years but this is, by far, the best one I have ever, ever done.I had no layers of protection – nothing to hide behind. People may not like what I have to say.

I tried very hard to show the person I want to be, as opposed to the person I think I should be.

This meant leaving the glory stories behind, and daring to share business stories that aren’t particularly popular. However, with no ego invested in it that didn’t matter because I hope my nakedness showed my authenticity, and just perhaps my authenticity has connected me to someone I may otherwise have never touched. Most importantly though, I don’t care one way or the other. I think I did a mighty fine job of it, and that’s enough.

Have a lovely, naked week everyone xx