A new scene for a new me…

by | 4th September, 2013 | thoughts on business, updates | 2 comments

Welcome to my new look blog site. Over the past few weeks I have given considerable thought to the direction of my writing and have finally committed to working on a book I’d like to publish within the year. There. I’ve said it into the ether of the internet. I am writing a book that I plan to publish within  the year. I’m often invited to talk to business groups about my experience building Billie Goat Soap, but nowadays I prefer to talk more about my experience building myself. Now I understand that  Billie Goat was merely the platform that allowed me to do this. For so long I thought the gift of the business was in the soap we produced (mighty fine stuff!) however, the gift was not the soap…the gift was my development.

Writer's WorkshopLast month I was excited to attend the Hay House Australia Writer’s Workshop. It was a fantastic experience and certainly helped me to set some direction for my work.  They are offering a publishing deal to one of the attendees, and this encouraged me to get cracking on my own book. Of course, I will publish my work regardless of this incentive,but it is lovely to have an extra goal to spur me on. This new look is part of my overall goals to share all that I have learnt on my business journey. I know what it’s like to deal with endless e-newsletters and blog posts  in your inbox, so aside from this quick update I will most likely keep my posts to once a week – every Sunday. I hope they will prove to be an excellent complement to your Sunday  morning cuppa.

I now have an author facebook page (the experience of starting that is worthy of a post unto itself!), and I’d love it if you could join me there. I’ll most likely post quick updates there throughout the week, and I hope you’ll find the content there thought provoking regarding your own life experiences. I’m also not adverse to a quality tweet too, and if you enjoy time in the twitterverse, you can find me here. One good follow deserves another, and I’ll gladly return the favour.

This Sunday I want to share my thoughts with you about interacting with others, and I’ll welcome your input on the post. Until then, have a wonderful week everyone xx.